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"our name is our mission statement" Matthew 28:19

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Recent News!
Criminal Justice Chaplaincy endorsement class now being taught. Check calendar for upcoming CJC classes!

GCU is building a training house to be a home for apostle Hodge and a training home for you our chaplains who will travel here from around the globe.
If you would like to contribute or make a pledge concerning this project please contact us at:
a GoFundMe account has been established as well as CashApp

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Under the unction of the Holy Spirit, Great Commission United has been expanding our training centers around the United States and now in; Weston Super Mare, United Kingdom and in Jos, Nigeria, Africa.

With new campuses being established in San Angelo, Texas - Tallahassee and Central, Florida -Council Bluffs, Iowa - Holland, Michigan - Detroit, Michigan - Ferry, Michigan.

Suggested donation of $150.00 per candidate is encouraged to help cover all expenses related with the class. A suggested subscription donation of $50.00 per year until the chaplains fifth year helps to keep chaplains trained and equipped for the year. Classes are held monthly and posted on GCU Calendar

Please check our calendar for upcoming chaplaincy classes. Continuing Ed classes are now every first Thursday of every month via free conference call:

7:00 pm (est) 339-207-8754

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The Mandate from Father GOD!

Raise ME an army! Bring ME the least of thee; the down trodden, broken, wounded, plain, ignorant. Train them, love them, send them to ME so that I may send them again from  ME saith; The LORD of HOST

- prophetic word given this ministry many years ago-


GCU Vision

What We Do

  • As in all things there must be a beginning, GCU (Great Commission United) is no exception. Our training classes started over 20 years ago out of necessity. As the ministry was growing, discipleship was mandatory in order for us to stay equipped to do the work of the Holy Spirit in the earth....​

How We Do It

  • GCU trains, ordains, licenses, and sends ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ into all the world.  GCU has a platform that brings unity to the Body of Christ so that the will of  Father GOD manifests here on the earth...


GCU Information


Our Relationship to Regulatory Authorities.

Regulatory Information...

  • GCU holds training classes every month as needed throughout the world. Depending on class size and maturity of the candidate or student, the class is individually designed to meet the needs of that class to better prepare the candidate or student for maximum success...

  • GCU Chaplains are trained to observe and adhere to the policies and procedures of the establishment or facility in which they serve...



Legal Bits


Chaplains throughout history have served in many capacities and venues to include government, the military, law enforcement, corrections, and hospitals.


Some are paid chaplains or chaplains that work in an official capacity or have duties relating to the above venues.


The chaplain’s duty in most of these settings is to provide spiritual counsel and comfort when needed.


Many chaplains are trained in other specialties to include emergency first responder training in the case of an actual crisis involving life-threatening situations.


Chaplains are most important in the event that a crisis has occurred in the workplace to provide comfort and consolation to those in need of it.


We at GCU firmly believe in our chaplains and the benefit of having a chaplain or chaplains on staff for the benefit of all.


GCU chaplain understands the value and necessity to follow the facility or organizations chain of command.


Chaplains are a great resource for upper management especially in the area of encouraging positive morale amongst all employees, inmates, or patients.


Chaplains also provide upper management or governmental officials with another set of eyes and ears. Chaplains are most beneficial in the area of stress reduction.


Chaplains in stricter environments such as the military, law enforcement – corrections, and hospitals are held to a higher scrutiny and must be above reproach in all matters.


Continuing education is a priority for GCU chaplains, to stay abreast of current changes within their field of service so that they can be more effective in all they do for their employer as well as those under their care and supervision.

The Integrity of Chapliancy

Terms of Reference & Content

  • The files, photographs and information presented here within these 'Web Pages' otherwise known as {GCUAcademy.com} are the work of individual contributors {GCU chaplains} within GCU, and as such they are posted with the intent that all copyright procedures have been met...

  • As a GCU Chaplain, our first priority is to love. With that said, let us break down the duty of love and loves components according to the word of God. - I John 2:5 'But whoso keepeth His word, in him verily is the love of God perfected. Hereby know we that we are in Him'. (KJV)

GCU Candidate Application

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3301 Green St. Shelby, Michigan 49455

(application needs to arrive 2 weeks before scheduled class)