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Repairing the Breach

The Restoration of our Innocence:

One of the greatest gifts we can give to the Lord and each other is to be ourselves and become who we were created to be. Some of us spend most, if not all of our lives trying to figure out why we were born, and what were we put on this Earth to do.

Many have sat for years in the pews of our church buildings, just to leave empty, still wondering and asking that ancient question; “who am I?”

By applying the tools so freely given in Repairing the Breach, by apostle William Hodge, the live many men and women has been transformed. before my very eyes.

Denise Corcoran, fellow apostle puts it this way, "When we finally get the revelation that we were sent here on purpose for a purpose, that we have value and gifts, there is no stopping at what can be done. Let’s face it; we all need restoration in some way or another. Satan’s lies and tricks start even before we exit our mothers’ womb."

About the Author Brother William T. Hodge

William T. Hodge is a true apostle; an apostle of restoration and restorer of the breach. He has a deep understanding of the “Voice of God,” especially when sounding this Voice with the shofar at various assignments and strategic places.

He holds shofar workshops, restoration seminars, how to raise up prayer booths, and is a beloved speaker and teacher across the USA.

William’s heart and calling is an Isaiah 58 Ministry.

5 x 8 Softcover  - 148 Pages

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